The Girls Outside

A little piece from the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

“Louie had been on Kwajalein for about a week when his cell door was thrown open and two guards pulled him out. He flushed with fear, thinking tht he was being taken to the sword.  As he was hustled toward what seemed to be an officers’ quarters, he passed tow girls with Asian features, walking with heads down, eyes averted, as they retreated from the building.  Louie was pulled into a room and stopped before a table covered with a white tablecloth, on which was arranged a selection of foods.  Around it sat Japanese officers in dress uniforms, smoking cigaretes.  Louie wasn’t here to be executed.  He was hert to be interrogated. 

The officers took long draws on thei cigarettes and sighed the smoke toward Louie.  Periodically, one of them would open a bottle of cola, pour it int a cup, and drink it slowly, making a show of his enjoyment.  The ranking officer started coolly at his captive.  How do American soldiers satisfy their sexual appetites? he asked.  Louie replied that they dont’–they rely on willpower. The officers was amused.  The Japanese militarty, he said, provides women for its soldiers, and allusion to the thousands of Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Filipino women whom the Japanese military had kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery.  Louie thought of the girls outside.


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